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With Roe Overturned, Millennials Must Take Action To Ensure Long-term Reproductive Justice

Under Roe v. Wade, Millennials (those born between 1980-1995) have lived their entire lives with the legal right to abortion. Now, without that Constitutional protection, many young women living in the United States fear for their lives. 

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“I have been blessed with so much and I really want to give back and make a difference.”

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Three Reminders For Nonprofit Leaders During COVID-19

All across the country, nonprofit leaders are panicking. Whether they have been forced to reimagine program delivery or are seeking...


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How a Board of Directors Can Make Your Mission

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Turning Your Supporters Into
Fundraisers: Helping Stakeholders
Make The Ask

ow technology has changed how we appreciate donors and how to express gratitude and thoughtfulness in the digital age.

On days when stewarding your nonprofit's cohort of passionate people feels like a bit of a mess, the reality is...

Are your board members hesitant to ask their networks for money? Do you struggle to enlist your current donors as fundraisers?


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How To Get Your Board Excited About Year-End Fundraising

Don’t know how to ask your board to get involved in year-end fundraising? 

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Do You Tell Your Donors The Truth? You Should!

One was the board chair of a global NGO who had just left a board meeting, recognizing for the first time that...

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4 Creative Ideas To Reach Millennials On #GivingTuesday

Ready to reach millennials on #GivingTuesday? Alyssa Wright arms you with four creative ideas to engage...



Nonprofits Need to Create a Vibrant Culture of Philanthropy

From development director turnover to boards that won’t fundraise to founders who stay way past their prime, the nonprofit sector lets a scarcity...