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​Climate Change Mitigation

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Community Development

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​Research Report On Decolonizing International Aid

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Trust-based Philanthropy: 


With trust-based philanthropy at the forefront of philanthropic conversations worldwide, how are we actually doing to move closer to true partnerships?

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It’s time to address power and build equity in philanthropy. Learn more about the trust-based philanthropy movement here. 

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Donor-advised Funds:


DAFs (donor advised funds) are often hard for nonprofits to access and yet allow funders flexibility to great things. But can they be harmful? Read more about the DAF payout and how it could impact your mission.

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Giving USA 2020: 


Where did the resources flow in 2020? The latest data from Giving USA.

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The Future of Giving

Last September, the Morgridge Family Foundation partnered with cultural agency sparks&honey to produce the Future of Giving report: a forecast of the cultural shifts that will define giving trends ahead.

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Measuring giving to women’s and girls’ causes:


The Women & Girls Index (WGI) is the only comprehensive index that measures charitable giving to women’s and girls’ causes.

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PRE’s Latest Report, Mismatched: Philanthropy’s Response to the Call for Racial Justice:


Mismatched: Philanthropy’s Response to the Call for Racial Justice is the most comprehensive assessment of racial equity and racial justice funding to date, providing a detailed analysis of funding from 2015–2018 and a preliminary analysis for 2020. 

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