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Our Services 

Our services are always customized to meet your unique needs.

Process flow


Analysis & Research


Strategy & Planning


Partnership Development & Coaching


Core Training & Discovery

for donors

We specialize in working with those new to philanthropy or those seeking to engage the next generation in their family or institutional philanthropy. We create extremely customizable processes and plans for you based on your unique goals and needs. We also offer high level facilitation for family meetings, intergenerational conversations, and giving circle gatherings to achieve the best outcome possible for the community you seek to serve. 

The same applies for corporate philanthropy where we can provide you with employee retention strategies, customized research to understand the impact of your business on economic, social and environmental change, as well as facilitation and workshops to help your business be an effective community change-maker.

  • Multi-Generational Family Philanthropy Planning

  • Corporate Philanthropy

  • Philanthropy 101

  • Research and Planning

  • Skilled Facilitation
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for NGOs

We specialize in working with organizations that are on the precipice of significant growth. We work to strategically prepare and support your organization in creating sustainable and equitable funding mechanisms that support your visionary funding goals.


If you’re ready to engage your entire community in peer-to-peer fundraising, launch your first-ever capital campaign, or adopt a new technology, like fundraising software, we are the team to help you do so in a creative, sustainable, and equitable way.


Everything we offer is tailor-made to fit your organization’s needs with programs that can vary from 3 months to 3 years! Our services stand out for their intergenerational mechanisms, helping nonprofits find their voice, and of course, have the abundance breakthroughs we are well-known for. Why go for $10,000 when you can go for $10MIL? We dream alongside you to embrace abundance and drive change.

  • Development Audit & Analysis

  • Development Planning

  • Capital Campaigns

  • Major Gifts Programs

  • Planned Giving Programs

  • Internal Fundraising Handbooks

  • Succession Planning

  • Donor Communications

  • Board Development, Training, & Recruitment

  • Culture of Philanthropy Training 

  • Current Funder and Prospective Funder Research

  • Grant Writing

  • Organizational Analysis & Design

  • Skilled Facilitation

Clemens Pietzner, Triskeles Foundation

We were asked to do a weekend training session on philanthropy, values and shared approaches to giving for a group of Millennial cousins from a diverse family and we were grateful that Alyssa was willing to be a central partner with us in all aspects of planning, communication, design and execution of the workshop. Alyssa brought a seasoned, thoughtful and creative perspective and capacity to the gathering, combined with great skill, humor, and social wisdom to ensure that all involved arrived at a series of meaningful outcomes. Alyssa’s careful outreach before, during and after the workshop added very positive steps to the process and we look forward to working together again !


Dwayne Shaw, Downeast Salmon Federation

For over 30 years the Downeast Salmon Federation has been working to protect and restore wild Atlantic salmon and the rivers of Eastern Maine. We've built a wide base of support. Alison and the team at Wright Collective helped set us on track for another 30 years by guiding in the development of a planned giving program and organizing our systems to help us best engage with our supporters.

Lindsey Musen, Limitless Horizons IXI

Alyssa Wright and her team helped us figure out how to build meaningful relationships with donors and launch our capital campaign in partnership with them. They demystified the process, provided tools for success, and busted our fears. As a result of guidance from Alyssa and her team, we were able to confidently step into our campaign and raise over 50% of our campaign goal within the first year.

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