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Our Services 

Our services are always customized to meet your unique needs.

Our Approach

Our approach is data-driven, thoughtful, strategic, creative and rooted in community.

First, we help leaders identify exactly what they need funding for by way of smart strategic planning services and a visionary budgeting process. Then, we place an equity lens on that strategy to create a roadmap that feels inclusive, creative and joyful. From that roadmap, we dive into research and community, seeking connections and collaborations that can make that strategy a reality for clients. And it does so, time and time again to the tune of 60 lasting partnerships and $100+ million.

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Services for Nonprofits

We specialize in working with organizations that are on the precipice of significant growth. We work to strategically prepare and support your organization in creating sustainable and equitable funding mechanisms that support your visionary funding goals.


If you’re ready to engage your entire community in peer-to-peer fundraising, launch your first-ever capital campaign, or adopt a new technology, like fundraising software, we are the team to help you do so in a creative, sustainable, and equitable way.


Everything we offer is tailor-made to fit your organization’s needs with programs that can vary from 3 months to 3 years! Our services stand out for their intergenerational mechanisms, helping nonprofits find their voice, and of course, have the abundance breakthroughs we are well-known for. Why go for $10,000 when you can go for $10MIL? We dream alongside you to embrace abundance and drive change.

  • Capital Campaigns

  • Development Audit & Analysis

  • Development Planning

  • Development Executive Coaching 

  • Major Gifts Programs

  • Planned Giving Programs

  • Strategic Planning

  • Succession Planning

  • Donor Advised Funds Engagement Strategies

  • Internal Fundraising Handbooks

  • Donor Communications

  • Board Development, Training, & Recruitment

  • Culture of Philanthropy Training 

  • Current Funder and Prospective Funder Research

  • Grants Research, Program Management, and Writing

  • Organizational Analysis & Design

  • Skilled Facilitation

Services for donors

While we work with institutions, donors, and family foundations of all kinds, we have a deep specialty in working with those new to philanthropy or a family seeking to engage the next generation. We work with you to craft a plan specific to your goals and philanthropic needs. ​

  • Multi-Generational Family Philanthropy Planning

  • Corporate Philanthropy

  • Community Foundations

  • Philanthropy 101

  • Research and Planning

  • Skilled Facilitation
Who we work with
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