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Unapologetic Advocacy with Alyssa Wright

Alyssa discusses the importance of understanding different perspectives, tackling wealth inequality, and the need for birth justice. She also highlights the value of relationships and the power of saying no to toxic contracts.

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Collective Philanthropy: Is It For You?

Did you know that men and women tend to give differently?


CEO Alyssa Wright  joined Kathleen Burns Kingbury on the Breaking Money Silence® podcast. They spoke about collective philanthropy and how to get involved with a giving community.


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What and Who is a Major Donor?

Farra Trompeter, co-director of Big Duck and host of The Smart Communications Podcast, chats with CEO Alyssa Wright, about what and who is a major donor and encourages organizations to have deeper conversations with donors about the diverse ways they contribute to nonprofit missions.

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Engaging Millennials to Raise Big Money on Nonprofit the Nation Podcast

Listen to an episode of the "Nonprofit Nation with Julia Campbell" podcast with CEO Alyssa Wright. You'll get to know the Millennial generation, understand what inspires and motivates them to get involved in mission making, and start to ensure effective inter-generational collaboration at your organization.

Featured in Philanthropy Women
Crisis Fundraising for Nonprofits: Training Course Begins Sparked By Covid-19 Pandemic!

Through “Fundraising During A Crisis,” Alyssa Wright and her team will arm nonprofit professionals with the skills and tools they need to successfully raise money during unprecedented times.

Female Lecturer

Featured on Deep Impact Investing: The Podcast 
Gender Equality as Part of a Sustainable Planet with Alyssa Wright

Listen in to our CEO, Alyssa Wright, on Kimberly Griego-Kiel’s Deep Impact Investing Podcast where she chats about being and coaching board chair and advising board chairs all in the name of creating more opportunities for vulnerable girls worldwide.

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