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Welcome to the Wright Collective.

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Alyssa Wright

Founder and Principal (She/Her)

Having spent time as a human rights activist in Eastern Europe and Africa, Alyssa brings over a decade of experience in international philanthropy to Wright Collective. With a background in community organizing and the arts, Alyssa leads the Collective with skill, creativity, and passion. As an accomplished facilitator, consultant, and coach, she builds new revenue streams, shifts cultural perspectives, and inspires people to believe that change is possible no matter what.


She has helped hundreds of both domestic and global social change organizations successfully launch major gifts programs, capital campaigns, and create sustainable funding models resulting in over $60,000,000 of resource flow. Everyone that has worked with Alyssa knows that she is a true partner. She answers late-night text messages, takes on difficult conversations for clients, and makes jokes that will keep clients smiling through rejected proposals and rained-out fundraising events. Her experience and wit has also allowed her to become a sought-after speaker on philanthropy and fund development as well as a regular contributor to ForbesWomen, Global Giving, and Network for Good. Alyssa is a powerful Millennial voice in the social change movement. 

Kimberly Fall

Associate Consultant (She/Her)

Kimberly is the Research Coordination at Wright Collective. After graduating with a Master's Degree in Library and Information Science in 2009, Kim’s interest in research grew deeply and took a whole different direction after meeting Alyssa. That turning point sparked in her the passion and desire to put her amazing research skills into contributing to social justice issues and helping organizations make a change.  Since then, Kim has led donor research for over two dozen nonprofit clients resulting in over $1,000,000 in new funding for those organizations. Her tenacity to keep looking, ability to sort through large amounts of information, and her continuous support of the Wright collective team through research and information, is what makes her indispensable to our organization. “At Wright Collective, we continue to better ourselves as human beings. We’re not know-it-alls, we learn from our clients as they do from us, growing as individuals and not just through our business.”

Kim has also supported philanthropic clients in researching prospective grantees and understanding many complex, timely issues across the globe because fundraising processes can be strongly impacted by the availability of resources, rendering the need to have someone that can find them, crucial. And Kimberly is a pro at doing just that.

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Alison Yoder

Associate Consultant (She/Her)

Alison’s journey to working full time as a fundraising consultant was a lengthy one with many twists and turns, which first began from a place of passion: dancing. As a young modern dance student, she wrote her first grant proposal while trying to secure funds for her university’s community dance company. From there, the roller-coaster ride continued when she landed in the San Francisco Bay Area and worked with a consulting firm for performing arts organizations, a restorative justice program for youth, a children’s legal aid organization, and a free health clinic - experiences that broadened her scope and skills from grant writer to development associate to special events manager.


Moving back to the Boston area in 2013, Alison tried on a brand new hat as a contracted consultant for nonprofits and loved how it fit. She initially worked with the American Red Cross of MA, The Philanthropy Connection in Cambridge, and Legal Services for Children in San Francisco. When she finally met Alyssa through the women’s collective giving group, The Philanthropy Connection, all the experiences came together complementing each other and allowed her to be exactly where she needed to be, at Wright Collective. Alison is calculated, patient, highly analytical, and a great listener, which makes her the best development and grants consultant for go-to strategy and planning.


“My work with the collective focuses on the details of fundraising behind the scenes of the public facing campaigns - creating the support mechanisms that ensure organizations are sustainable with systems and structures to keep them going for years to come.” As women and working moms, Alison feels that the team at Wright Collective has truly created a culture and space where members can be their true selves, support each other, and still get the job done in the most efficient way. “I can't imagine myself with any other company”.


Andrea Southard

Operations Specialist (She/Her)

Passionate about helping people, Andrea has dedicated her life to improving operations within many different organizations. At the Wright Collective, she swiftly manages all things administrative so that we can focus on delivering the highest level of client service to the philanthropic community. 


As a dedicated human resources professional, Andrea has worked in organizations of all shapes and sizes including technology firms, professional services and nonprofit organizations. She finds joy in reducing administrative burdens which allows her team to double-down on client engagements and needs. To say Andrea is meticulous, is an understatement. However, it is her unique worldly perspective that continues to help the Wright Collective shine and flourish. 


Andrea’s passion for helping people is one that has been passed down from generations of Armenian Women and their volunteering and charitable efforts. Her quiet, but impressive impact is found in many organizations such as the Armenian Women’s Welfare Association, the Armenian Nursing and Rehabilitation Center or in her tenure as the President of the Friends of the Library in Hooksett NH. 

Andrea loves organizing and helping people… and when they come together, even better!  Whether it is organizing office policies and procedures, estate sales or exotic travel opportunities to Armenia, Alaska or Aruba, she covers every base! So if you need someone to reorganize your google drive, make sense of a spreadsheet, or clean out your great aunt’s home of her many unique treasures or you want to find the oldest church in the most remote village Armenia, she is your go to! 


Liz Delois

Philanthropy Consultant (She/Her)

Liz DeLois is a philanthropy strategist with 20 years of experience driving social impact through strategic partnerships with major donors, corporations and foundations. Her work in resource development has spanned a diverse set of organizations in the fields of international development and human rights, healthcare, the arts and more. 


Prior to joining the Wright Collective as an independent consultant in 2023, Liz was a Senior Philanthropy Officer for Major Gifts at CARE, a leading global humanitarian organization, where she oversaw the portfolio of individual and institutional funders in New England. In her five years with CARE, Liz catalyzed $20M of philanthropic funding for global economic development, climate justice and women’s rights, and in response to humanitarian crises in over 100 countries. An adamant believer in the power of change through resource mobilization, Liz worked closely with C-suite leaders, high-net worth philanthropists, Board members and community stakeholders to drive sustainable impact at scale. 


Previously, Liz oversaw the East Coast major gifts team at American Jewish World Service, where she designed new fundraising programs, co-led international donor engagement tours with the CEO, and grew the major gifts portfolio by 30% year over year. Additionally, her work with the institutional giving team culminated in a  $15M+ partnership for a brand-new program combating child marriage in India.  Liz also had the privilege of raising funds for the San Francisco-based organizations Center for Justice and Accountability and the Institute on Aging.


She holds a Bachelor’s degree from The Colorado College and lives with her family on the Coast of Maine.


Philanthropic, Development, and Grants Consultant (She/Her)

Mary Demery is a writer at heart. As Associate Consultant at the Wright Collective, she provides expert grant writing services, advises on best practices for fundraising with donors and foundations, and brings an eye for numbers and budgets to support her nonprofit clients’ needs for financial growth and strategy.  She is passionate about birth justice and loves working with clients who are changing the way the world gives birth. She also loves supporting health, girls’ education, and working with international clients. She has brought in over $2.75 million in grant funding in the past three years.


Mary was born in Detroit and grew up in the suburbs before attending the University of Michigan for an undergraduate degree in English. After graduation, she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, where she worked in publishing and teaching. Ever-curious about the world around her, she moved to Vietnam to teach English in 2018 before moving home to Detroit just before the pandemic hit. She started working with the nonprofit Birth Detroit in 2020, and has cherished the experience of learning from and leading with the Birth Detroit team as they work to open Detroit’s first birth center in 2024. 


Mary now splits her time between the Wright Collective and Birth Detroit. She loves connecting with her clients and helping them get funding, and she brings positivity and attention to detail to her projects. A results-driven, friendly, strategic business development leader, Mary is a strong writer, with an eye for the bigger picture and a knack for getting things done. To connect with her or learn more about her work, email her at

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