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Fall 2022 Course
Engaging Millennials to Raise Big Money

Join us for this 8-week virtual course where you get tools, tips and connections to help you engage, solicit and steward Millennial donors thoughtfully and effectively.

Private Coaching Group Sessions


Start date

September  30th


Date & Hours

Enrollment Fee

$399 USD 

12pm ET -1:30pm ET

8 weeks,
4 sessions

About Program

Hey nonprofits, your next generation of donors is waiting- are you ready to engage Millennials? 


The most socially conscious generation in history.

The largest generation in the United States.

The majority of the workforce. 

Millennials are no longer in their teens and twenties. Many are skilled, up-and-coming professionals in their 30's & 40's with deeper pockets and vaster networks than you might think.


Plus, they are the inheritors of $42 trillion by 2030. 


Join Alyssa Wright, self-proclaimed Millennial and advisor to next gen philanthropists, as she takes you through four sessions of recent research, tips, and tactics to engage these new donors in your mission and vision. Don't wait: research shows that from Mega Givers to everyday donors, Millennials are becoming very active donors and ambassadors to movements & missions they love. 



This course is for anyone at a nonprofit, social, impact or philanthropic organizations. We have found the course is mostly helpful to those in fundraising, communications, HR and leadership roles. 

Program Outline 
Getting to Know the Millennial Generation

Who are Millennials exactly? What do they care about? Where can you find them? What motivates them to donate their time, talent, and treasure?~ Get to know the Millennial generation in this overview with Alyssa.

Session 1
Fundraising Focus: Understanding What Motivates Millennials to Get Involved in Mission Making

Set to inherit $42 trillion by 2030 and with the vastest networks to fundraise, it's important to begin engaging Millennials now. Dive deeper into the behaviors and motivations of Millennials from across a variety of socio-economic backgrounds. Practice writing and deploying an appeal to next generation donors. 

Session 2 
Communications Focus: Inspiring Millennials To Take Action

Take it to action this week as we discuss donor-communications plans that engage Millennials within your existing development strategies and create samples in a breakout session. We will share how communications can propel you to successful fundraising and inspired advocacy from Millennials in your networks. Plus, what's shareable and inspiring to grow your network over time.

Session 3 
Ensuring Effective Intergenerational Collaboration

This week, we talk about creating a diverse donor base, across generations, and bringing everyone together for meaningful conversation about volunteerism, philanthropy, and activism. Participants can bring their existing development plan to the session to discuss ways to incorporate this thinking into strategies with individual, institutional, and corporate donor groups. 

Session 4 

Strategic focus

  • Design and begin executing a successful strategy to engage the next generation, both current donors and prospective donors 

  • Craft an appeal that Millennials will actually give to 

  • Engage the next generation by enhancing your communications plan 

Culture focus
  • Establish strong donor relationships with current donors and their children, grandchildren or other next gen contacts 

  • Creating shared responsibility for development within your board by enlisting Millennials as key allies in the process 

  • Create social change while you fundraise for social change by placing an equity-lens on your efforts  

Business Woman with Laptop
You will receive
  • A roadmap to raising $10,000 in new funding from next-generation donors 

  • A creative tactics sheet for communicating and fundraising from Millennials 

  • A robust list of twenty networks to engage in to find top Millennial prospects 

  • (2) 30-minute private coaching sessions with Wright Collective consultants to discuss your specific organization’s questions and needs

Meet the Coach
Alyssa new 2021 headshot .jpg


Alyssa has raised over $60+ million for grassroots organizations and coached dozens of Millennial philanthropists since entering the sector in 2011.

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Alyssa taught at our annual Online Fundraising Academy for nonprofits and gave our partners great insights into strategies for donor retention. She helped demystify some of the key concepts around donor retention for an audience working with different donor demographics and in varying intense global contexts. Our nonprofit partners really enjoyed Alyssa's presentation and found it both engaging and full of practical takeaways. I would highly recommend working with Alyssa!

Catrin Cooper, Global Giving 

If you want to book for groups of 3 or more, contact us for special pricing.

Past Participants 
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  • My organization is international. Is this course for me?
    Organizations with all size budgets are encouraged to apply but we specialize in helping small- mid sized organizations.
  • My budget is under $500,000. Will I benefit from this course?"
    Organizations with all size budgets are encouraged to apply but we specialize in helping organizations with budgets from $50,000 - $12,000,000.
  • Is the course better for nonprofits working on certain issues?
    Over the years, we have focussed on social, racial, gender, and economic justice work, so we highly encourage organizations working in these key areas to take this course with us. We also have worked extensively with founders and women fundraisers, helping them navigate the unique issues that surround fundraising for them.
  • I can't make the time or financial commitment. Can I still join in on a few sessions and get access to the course materials?
    We really want to ensure that we can build community and respect the time of those who sign on. We ask that you try to make at least four of the sessions with the understanding that all sessions will be recorded for your continued use. We completely understand the difficult spot that organizations may find themselves in this year financially. If you are unable to pay the $300 USD fee but would still like to join the class, Please email us at
  • I'm a board member or volunteer fundraiser. Is this for me?
    Yes! All sessions are designed for you to modify the lessons learned to bring back to your board or Development Committee for implementation.
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