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Women Helping Women: Simple Ways To Offer Meaningful Support During The Crisis In Ukraine

As people around the world rally in support of Ukraine, many seek guidance as to how they can take timely and meaningful action to help those who are suffering the most.

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Now technology has changed how we appreciate donors and how to express gratitude and thoughtfulness in the digital age.

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How To Get Your Board Excited About Year-End Fundraising

Don’t know how to ask your board to get involved in year-end fundraising? Consultant Alyssa Wright shares her secrets to success, including sample messages you can make your own.

Fundraising Isn't Always a Piece of Cake

So many of us desire to work for and support impactful organizations. 


But when we look closer at that process, we realize how truly overwhelming it can be, especially when it comes to fundraising and resource mobilizing.


As you deepen into the work of fueling the cause you care about, you might begin to realize that it feels complex, emotional, and exhausting.


You might want to give up.


We know that you are enough and there is enough. Working together, as a community,  we can drive change. Join us and step into the Collective. 

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Better understand our process, services, and impact through documented individual cases with the numbers, facts, and results.

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Paulomi Bhattacharyya, Center for Renewable Energy and Appropriate Technology 

Kim and Alison, the grant research and writing duo are a dream team to work with. Kim's in-depth and tailored research on available grant opportunities for us and Alison's ability to grasp the essence of what our organization does and put it succinctly on paper helped us at CREATE! immensely. Not only did we secure an opportunity we had worked at for years, but their help also freed up valuable time for our very small team to use efficiently. We cannot thank you enough!

Leigh Handschuh, Boston Foundation

Despite having a room full of nonprofits with a variety of needs and questions, Alyssa takes the time before and after sessions to troubleshoot and talk through the organizational culture-related fundraising barriers each nonprofit is experiencing. As one nonprofit partner put it, "Working with Alyssa is inspirational and thought-provoking. I appreciate the concrete examples she provides and the opportunity to identify a problem, propose a solution and then share and learn. Thank you!

Nashira Baril, Neighborhood Birth Center

Over the last year and a half of working with Wright Collective, we have built a relationship based on values and trust and they feel like real partners, not hired hands. I don't have a history of fundraising and am now leading a multi-million dollar capital campaign – I could not do it without their keen strategy, flexibility, their willingness to push and support me as I stretch into this work. 


At the start of our work, I didn't know what I needed. I'm so glad that I trusted Alyssa and her team and their process – each step has scaffolded on the one before and the big picture makes so much sense. She's got us in good shape and feeling confident – and well supported as we move forward!