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Wright Collective's Successful Fundraising for Women's Global Education



To empower young people in rural areas of Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly women and girls, through education to build better lives and foster more equitable communities so that every child can have the opportunity to attend school and obtain a quality education. 

  • Universal Education and literacy for girls

  • Gender Equality

  • Empowerment and leadership of Women

  • Access to quality education for all children

  • Creating more equitable communities

  • Ending Female Genital Mutilation


When WGEP first came to us at Wright Collective, they knew what their goals and mission were but had some challenges that were standing in their way. Most of these challenges revolved around a desire for long-term donor engagement and a need to create a more diverse, international donor base that reflected the work they do. 

  • Struggles in keeping long-time donors engaged with a small staff 

  • Difficulty in creating opportunities for donors to participate and delve deeper into the work meaningfully 

  • Lacking knowledge on current donor capacity after rapid growth of their individual giving 

  • Board and staff struggles in developing unique philanthropic voices and effectively fundraising 

  • Need for acquiring better fundraising skills and understanding of the global philanthropic landscape


Based on the challenges presented, the client’s desired outcomes, the Wright Collective team conducted a thoughtful analysis that led to a customized fundraising program rooted in long-lasting solutions. We: 

  • Developed a capacity building campaign, co-created with long-time donors

  • Allowed these donors to take the lead in growing an organization they care about and take it to the next level by creating an effective peer-to-peer fundraising model 

  • Provided donor research, creative donor messaging, and a clear impact offering for current donors to step into the work at higher levels of support

  • Helped the team find their individual voices in philanthropy, especially supporting the CEO in embracing an abundance mindset 

  • Strengthened the team’s fundraising skills and confidence to launch campaigns and raise big money over time 

The Facts
  • Launched their first-ever campaign to raise $1MIL (USD). The campaign was achieved and enhanced by a $3MIL collaborative grant from Jack Dorsey, Founder of Twitter 

  • Developed fundraising documents and frameworks as well as talking points and draft emails that are still used daily today and help them communicate effectively with donors 

  • Brought their donors closer to their cause and closer to each other 

  • Engaged donors deeply in their work and ensured they were in the right relationship with the teams in Senegal and Kenya 

Abundance Breakthrough
  • Broke leadership's fears and limitations around fundraising. They began to ask for what they truly needed! 

  • Discovered the necessary skills and language to achieve their goals, no matter how big, and began to take calculated risks in conducting cold outreach and making their voices heard in key philanthropic networks

  • Got the right resources to unlock the organization's full potential, including a very innovative $3MIL collaborative grant from Jack Dorsey's #StartSmall Initiative


Founder and Executive Director

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alyssa Wright and her team for the past 3 years as a fundraising consultant.  Working with Alyssa changed the way my organization thinks about raising funds for our cause.  Her advice and coaching helped me to be a better fundraiser and strengthened my skills to be able to ask and receive larger donations. She worked with me, our board, and staff developing each of our unique voices in philanthropy giving us the skills and language necessary to invite people to join our work in a very organic, thoughtful, and meaningful way. From a place of passion and authenticity, she helped launch our first-ever campaign to raise $1MIL. Alyssa is a true champion of causes for women and girls and social justice. Everything Alyssa brought to our organization in terms of documents developed, language, and skills are used today daily and help to drive our work forward. Alyssa's involvement has helped our organization bring our donors closer to our cause and engage deeply in our work.

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