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To support and empower those affected by domestic violence and human sex trafficking and sexual exploitation and engage the community in creating social change in Androscoggin, Oxford and Franklin counties in Maine.

  • The sole provider of support services and shelter operator for victims of domestic violence and human sex trafficking and sexual exploitation in Androscoggin, Franklin, and Oxford counties.

  • Creating equitable and safe communities 

  • Serving as a source of hope and empowerment

  • Raising awareness and educating the community about the seriousness and prevalence of domestic violence and human sex trafficking and sexual exploitation

  • Working toward legislative change


After having calls and meetings with Safe Voices and conducting a thorough needs assessment, Wright Collective concluded that the following challenges were hindering the organization’s fundraising efforts:

  • Hadn’t ran a capital campaign in over 40 years

  • Didn’t have a major donor pool

  • Lack of experience in finding ways to engage with people who were already interested in helping

  • Most of the board members were not ready or didn’t have the needed skills to run such a campaign  

  • The prevalence of the pandemic

  • Only a few people were working on this huge campaign


Once the key challenges were pinpointed, Wright Collective designed a customized roadmap with steps to take in order to face the obstacles:

  • Conducted a needs assessment and impact analysis with the available resources to make data-driven decisions

  • Designed training sessions tailored for the board members and leadership and management staff

  • Provided guidelines and communications strategies to be implemented when approaching donors

  • Researched for available opportunities and pinpointed the most valuable ones

  • Formulated and taught post-campaign strategies to be implemented for long-lasting donor engagement.

  • Expanded the current network by asking other networks to join

The Facts
  • Trained board members who are now more comfortable doing outreach 

  • Learned how to and where to strategically identify prospects and generated comprehensive plans to cultivate these relationships over time

  • Expanded the network of major donors

  • Learned ways to keep the community engaged

  • Met their campaign goals and benchmarks

  • Expanded community awareness of Safe Voices and our new location

Abundance Breakthrough
  • Developed the fundraising skill sets of board members

  • Understood the importance of having a well-developed communication strategy needed to outreach major donors and maintain a strong relationship with them

  • Regained the confidence and got a push to expand into new and larger networks


Elise Johansen
Executive Director

I attended a workshop where Alyssa was the presenter. She was energetic, personable and knowledgeable without an ego. When we went off to RFP she was the one that we hoped would respond.  We had 3 RFPs but Alyssa and Wright Collective had everything we wanted; feminist, women led. A firm that tended to intersection and oppression and how capitalism and anti-oppression work together.

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