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Capital Campaign

Our Approach

When your organization is ready to grow, it may be time for a capital campaign. 

The Wright Collective collaborates with organizations of varying scales to craft and execute strategic capital campaigns tailored to their ambitious capital project aspirations. Whether they be physical infrastructure enhancements, capacity expansion, or growth initiatives, we ensure alignment with their objectives. Through our three-step process - Feasibility Study, Capital Campaign Strategy/Design, and Campaign Implementation, we help you work within your current resources, engage and excite your constituents and community, and realize your organization's mission. Tailored to meet your organization's specific needs, we work with you to:

  • Define the financial goal and time frame to achieve success

  • Understand and prioritize outreach potential to existing donors

  • Identifying new prospective donors (individual, corporate, government, and philanthropic)

  • Bring forward new and creative fundraising approaches

  • Maximize the use of the Staff and the Leadership Team in pitches and relationship-building efforts

  • Assess and develop marketing materials, when necessary

  • Develop a thoughtful and creative cycle of engagement with campaign funders

  • Effectively execute the fundraising campaign strategy, including but not limited to keeping on pace, pipeline development, and progress to date

  • Provide regular updates on strategy progress to Leadership and the Board

The Wright Collective focuses on integrating the capital campaign into the continuous expansion of your development department to ensure this is not a standalone fundraising endeavor, but part of strengthening the organization for future growth.

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Capital Campaign Feasibility Study

With any new project, it is important to understand the fundraising potential within a community while assessing potential funding sources that might support the project.  Wright Collective helps organizations to dream, design and implement a campaign plan that matches their ambitious capital goals. During the Discovery phase of this process, the Wright Collective Team will perform an initial feasibility study to assess potential support from current and new funders and develop more specific fundraising goals based on the findings. The feasibility study may include the following: 

  • Conduct an audit of the current fundraising capacity, technology, and readiness.

  • Conduct interviews with the organization's leadership, staff, board members, community leaders, and potential funding partners

  • Review all current revenue streams and previous successes

  • Individual donor audit and analysis 

  • Foundation partner audit and analysis 

  • Additional prospect research


Upon completing the feasibility study, we will provide a comprehensive report with objective development recommendations to help your organization move forward successfully on a campaign.

Capital Campaign Design

Design is the most important stage of any Capital Campaign. By the end of this phase, we work with you to ensure that all technical elements of the new campaign strategy will be in place for swift execution including training leadership, board, and, staff to be an active part of the process. During this stage, we work with you to: 

  • Collectively determine the goal amount using the feasibility results including individual, foundation and corporate goals

  • Conduct initial planning sessions integrating feasibility study information and coming up with a campaign budget 

  • Draft a fundraising Calendar of Campaign Activities 

  • Develop staff and board individual work plans 

  • Identify tasks and action items per donor constituency/vehicles  

  • Update technology as necessary including the donor data-base

  • Consider and calendar necessary upcoming events 

  • Design a campaign committee structure, if desired

  • Finalize prospect research and transition to an organized Moves Management System

  • Draft the Case for Support materials

  • Ensure all campaign collateral is created

  • Train board and staff 

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Capital Campaign Implementation support 

Upon completion of the first two phases, we will jointly assess the implementation needs which may include some of the following support from Wright Collective: 

  • Advancement support

  • Campaign Committee management

  • Grant writing

  • Moves Management tracking

  • High-level coaching and strategy

  • On-going training

In Phase III, we will partner with leadership to ensure all financial campaign benchmarks are met while continuing to strengthen the Culture of Philanthropy. 

Board & Leadership Training

Wright Collective
Culture of Philanthropy Training

The Culture of Philanthropy training will serve to support the crafting of successful fundraising pitches, enhanced engagement with current donor communities, and strategizing to bring new resources of time, talent, and treasure to fund and fuel the mission.

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