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The Engaging Millennials Course kicks it off with guest speaker, Jamie Hunt!

The Engaging Millennials to Raise Big Money course has finally begun and what better way to launch the program than with special guest speaker Jamie Hunt!

Jamie is a coach for entrepreneurs, executives, and changemakers. He partners with leaders to bring about pivotal, holistic, and sustainable change. He’s coached 200+ clients, such as nonprofit and corporate executives (e.g. Google Directors as a Senior Faculty member with NOLS), and General Managers / Executive Directors while serving as a consultant. Jamie now focuses on coaching Founders, Executive Directors, Changemakers, and Artists through transformational personal development—underpinning their ability to scale startups, increase impact, realize their full potential, and live a balanced and joyful life. Learn more on his website.

The reason why we selected Jamie Hunt to be our first speaker is because of his innovative, trust-based approach to philanthropy as well as his extensive experience working with and supporting movement leaders from around the globe.

During the course, he shared three important wisdoms during with attendees:

1- “Let’s normalize that nonprofit mergers and transitions are not always perfectly smooth. It's okay and normal that pieces will get dropped. And remember for the organization to focus on mission there is actually cost savings to avoiding certain donor-centered elements of moments. And also, those types of wrinkles only aggravate donors that are used to certain things but you can change it and you can normalize it as a nonprofit leader by speaking truthfully.”

Maintaining a relationship with your donors is undoubtedly key to your success. So when things go wrong, do you tell your donors the truth or avoid a difficult conversation? Read more about why you should always be honest with your donors.

2- “Be ready to answer all funder questions when they reach out. Be open and have a learning mindset and address donor concerns. See it as a chance to learn and don’t feel like you need to immediately get it right or impress.”

Fundraising is far from easy. It’s actually quite difficult and so much more goes into it than meets the eye. The first step to successful fundraising however is moving away from scarcity thinking and towards the right mindset. Learn more about easy ways to shift to an abundance mindset.

3- “Be in a community with other organizations and bring people together and when you do that, I’m being pulled in too (as a donor). I can see something is happening there and that has a lot of good to it. Look at examples as to how communities are used to elevate overall work and nonprofits leaders need to build that community, and do good work - be strategic, goal-oriented, fiscally responsible, etc.”

Although fundraising can be hard, having a community and powerful, wise network makes the process significantly better. Working together, as a community, we can drive change. Join us and step into the Collective. Visit

Are you interested in the Engaging Millennials to Raise Big Money course? Check out the full program and register for 2022 via


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