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A Letter From The Founder

Welcome to Wright Collective. We used to be Alyssa F. Wright Consulting but now, we have become so much more than one person or a company.

We are a community.

And it’s all because of YOU.

In my last 13 years as a development professional, I have both seen and experienced class and gender discrimination. I have also observed, through our clients, the deep racial inequities that exist in philanthropy. I have seen this in not only who and what is funded but also how individuals, and their organizations, are treated. We are choosing at this moment to reimagine our role as consultants and commit even more deeply to mobilizing resources for racial and social change.

Wright Collective comes from a place where Alison, Kim and I believe many of us with structural advantages have access to data, knowledge, and networks that many movements and missions do not. We seek to help you connect with these resources authentically, creating an organizational culture that prioritizes wellbeing and justice in addition to raising funds and accessing resources.

As a team, we are dedicated to advancing BIPOC leadership wherever possible and we are committed to working with all other leaders to make the sector more equitable and kind.

In doing this work, we also hope to instill an abundance mindset in the leaders we connect with, helping them to feel brave and supported as they move toward their vision for the world.

To do this well, we are offering new services and enhancing our online presence. Check out what’s new:

Innovative, collaborative, creative services that are focused on helping you create a long term funding model that out-live and outlast your time with us as your partners. Most importantly looking at capacity building campaigns, planned giving programs, productizing, and peer-to-peer fundraising mechanisms.

Online courses and cohorts designed to affordably give you access to tools, research, and other values-aligned leaders in philanthropy. We don’t want you to feel like you can’t find the person or resource you need to drive change.

A resource page that is constantly updated with timely data, research, and reports relevant to you and your organization. If you’re looking for something there and don’t find it, reach out!

A partnership page that highlights other values-aligned consultants in the field of whom we respect and collaborate with frequently so hopefully, if we aren’t what you need we can introduce you to a partner that has the exact experience and skills to serve your mission.

As we move forward, we want to invite colleagues and clients to offer us feedback on this new model we are designing and offering. We want to ensure everyone who works with us receives quality services, meaningful outcomes, and a belief in abundance - all while challenging the system to change for the better.

There are enough resources out there.

We just need to start putting them in the right places.

Visit the website, be in touch, and thank you for creating a safer, more just world for us all.

We can do this. Together.

Alyssa Wright


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