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Welcome to the Wright Collective.

About Wright Collective

Partnering with clients all over the world, we help organizations and leaders shift from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset. The Wright Collective Team works with our clients through our core curriculum, The Abundance Framework. This Framework, written by CEO Alyssa Wright, brings a fresh perspective to our work as social impact strategists and philanthropic advisors. 

Collectively, we bring together a deep network of local and international social change organizations, experience advising donors on both sides of the table, and engagement of donors and their families. With every one of our partnerships, we seek to instill an “abundance” process that utilizes data-driven donor research and crafts tailored plans. Throughout the process, we work with you to level-up the necessary skill sets and strategies your team needs to respond in an ever-changing landscape. 

Unearthing Opportunities

At the root of our process is our comprehensive research services. Our research team works with our clients to maximize opportunities within their current network to grow and build current relationships while seeking to tap new opportunities. In addition to some typical research reports that are conducted, we use ten different technologies and a deep understanding of local, national, and international trends in social change & philanthropy.  With that information we map a direction forward that inspires new learnings and funding for organizations. We don’t stop there either. Our experience in research will give the team useful information to help build a strong relationship while guiding the “ask” and engaging the community. 

Meet Our Team

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